We ask you to arrive exactly at the time that is written in your booking. There is no need to arrive earlier. Due to our schedule we cannot receive clients earlier  than the time of your appointment. We spend that time arranging the game facilities for your game. When your WHOLE group is present, call us on the phone number shown on the door. You can relax in our comfortable lounge while waiting.  If you are late, we may have to reduce your play time so as not to make the next players wait. When your appointment time begins and the group is inside, we will not accept late comers. 


 If you cannot make it to the Game, please cancel your Game not later than 24 hours before through the link in the confirmation email (to cancel one room reservations). Reservations of 2-4 escape rooms or more need to be cancelled 7 days prior to the game. 4 and more escape rooms need to be cancelled 14 days prior to the game. If the game is cancelled late, we have to charge an 80 euro fee per room.  


One escape room fits 2-6 players. You do not have to inform us of the changes in your booking as long as your group fits those limits. 


We accept cash, credit cards (Not Amex or Diners) and Edenred Virikeseteli- vouchers as well as Ticket Mind&Body. We also accept Smartum Kulttuurisetelit vouchers. Invoice is available for companies. When using invoicing, VAT is added on top of the listed prices. Please note that if you pay with a card, we cannot separate payments per player, so you will have to pay with one card/play room (with Smartum/Edenred/ePassi you can pay separately). In cash payments please pay the exact amount. 


Please follow your Game Masters instructions. The Game will be interrupted otherwise.

Alcohol or other substances is stricly prohibited inside the escape room. The Game Master has the right to deny access of a person under influence.  

No force of violence should be used on the setting /locks/other items in the escape room. If a player acts aggressively inside the escape room or damages the  property of aMazed Games  in the above-mentioned way, the game is stopped, the fee is to be paid in full and a restoration fee of minimum 30 euros will be applied. This does not apply to accidental breaking or normal wearing of the items.