aMazed room escape game is a live, interactive adventure game, where a team of two to six people have one hour  to “escape the room”. To escape in time the team must solve puzzles, complete tasks and be creative. Team work is the only way to complete the room escape mission before the time runs out. The mission is adrenaline-packed, addictive, intense and unpredictable.

The real life room escape concept originates from Japan, where the popular escape the room computer games were first made into real life. Escape the room games are now spreading around the world with great momentum.



aMazed room escape game is suitable for persons of all ages. It is ideal for friends and families. Kids also love the game, but cannot play alone. Players under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Date nights and birthdays

What better way to celebrate a special occasion with your loved one(s) than to spend a thrilling intense hour working together as a team. 


Helsinki has great things to offer for a tourist. What better way to experience the cold war era and the world of espionage than a one hour rush at the aMazed Double agent X escape room. Continue thereafter your sightseeing in the city center. FYI,Helsinki was considered one of the world's most important espionage centers in the 80's.

Thrill seekers

When was the last time you tried something new? Room escape is no extreme sport, but an adrenaline packed event where the riddles stare you in your face while the clock is ticking. You will need courage and you will feel very much alive. 

Game enthusiasts

You probably are familiar with the classic room escape online games. Are you ready to enjoy the next level challenge? There is nothing more thrilling than to immerse yourself inside the game completely in a way that is not truly possible in online gaming. 


aMazed room escape is a unique and powerful exercise in team building as players need to work together and take joy from solving the myriad problems thrown onto them. Intensity of the game will make any team function as one.